NUBLU CRYO OCC 5N Single Crystal RCA Interconnects Pair

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The NUBLU CRYO interconnects are a progression of the NUBLU, we offer balanced and unbalanced cables.

Previously versions of the NUBLU used OCC 5N Silver conductors threaded into over sized teflon tubes, the CRYO version uses the same OCC silver but with two differences.

1. We have had the wire pre-insulated with FEP, this has fantastic properties as an insulator almost identical to teflon but it’s more malleable, this also prevents oxidisation of the silver and creates a perfectly uniform dielectric.

2. The wire has been put through a 3 day cryogenic treatment at https://www.cryogenix-uk.com/

This further improves the OCC conductors, the rest of the construction remains the same.

There is an extensive review here

Review Of The original NUBLU below.

Now with Flex Noise Reduction Sleeving.

These cables are a departure from the construction methods we have previously used, the aim being to create a cable with a capacitance in that magic zone below 100pf/m. With some experimentation that was achieved using 4 woven conductors, cross sectional area is not compromised as the wire gauge is increased from 26awg to 22awg.

The results are a cable that performs more consistently across a wider range of equipment, a fast and open sound.

For some independent qualified opinion on our NUBLU interconnects click on the icon below for a couple of reviews written by Kevin Fiske and George Sallit @ the HIFI WIGWAM, well respected reviewers of audio equipment and accessories. 

 Review of the original NUBLU here



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