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10% Discount On All Orders Over £20 Until 30th May - Discount Applied in Checkout
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Bought this cable to replace a USB B to C Audioquest Carbon cable (which is more expensive than this BTW). I use it between an ADC (RME ADI2 Pro) and MacBook Pro to digitise vinyl. The uplift in SQ is exceptional compared to the old cable. No distortion, not bright, massive soundstage, very musical. I really don't understand how 80 pounds worth of cable can make this much difference in my system. Anyone that thinks that USB cables don't make a difference need to listen to this, or get their hearing checked. Also bought the outsider, which is still burning in but it sounds equally exceptional (also replacing an Audioquest Carbon cable). Great service too BTW.

Shaun on Aug 23, 2021

Real audiophile products at great prices

Thank you for my new Naim interconnect. Very happy with the quality, delivery and service !Thank you and keep up the good work. Will buy again no doubt.

Tom Dallos on Jul 30, 2021

A massive upgrade to system's sound quality!

The Semperfi pure silver OTG cable provides an all round stunning upgrade to the sound quality of my connected units. It's hand made with craft and precision using prime materials. Excellent customer service guarantees peace of mind for past and future purchases, highly recommendable.

Author's William FentononSep 04, 2021

Best OTG Cable

Having purchased this cable the sound at first was dark and not very musical. I contacted the company and queried how long a period needed for a burn in? Received an answer within hours saying 20 to 100 hours from previous feed back. Well what a difference 20 hours made. Connected to my Chord Mojo to my Android phone it was magical! My Bowers and Wilkins P9 Signature never sounded so good. I purchased a pair of Hifiman Sundara's and have been burning them in. They too sound wonderful with this cable. My only regret is that I didn't purchase this amazing cable sooner. Great product and brilliant service. Looking forward to further purchases from Gothic Audio.

Anthony Lewis on Apr 10, 2021

Semperfi The Outsider Pure Silver USB Cable TYPE A TO B

Got the USB cable, here's my review on a popular RUSSIAN resource

IGOR LYUBOVICH on Aug 16, 2021

Harmonic Technology aes

An excellent cable with wonderful clarity and depth of fine detail. Requires a 100hrs plus burn in to give of its best not one to judge straight out of the packing it carries on improving past 200hrs.

David Johnson on May 05, 2021

Welcome to Gothic Audio

Welcome to Gothic Audio

Our aim is to provide interconnects using pure silver conductors at an affordable price.

By purchasing in larger quantities and sourcing materials direct form manufacturers we believe we've managed to keep our interconnects at a more than competitive price if you compare our products to other manufacturer's products of a similar build type...