AT6-1231G / Stereo / Gold plated Tellurium Copper TRS Connector

AT6-1231G / Stereo / Gold plated Tellurium Copper TRS Connector

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New! AECO TRS Stereo Connector 


These new TRS connectors are both innovative and very high quality, AECO have again produced well thought out connector for the audiophile community.


The body of plug is lathed in one piece to maintain continuity of the conductor.

The shell is isolated from the internal ground terminal.

The conductor is made from high-purity tellurium copper without nickel base.

By using highest quality of design, manufacturing techniques and materials these are aimed at the "Hi-End" requirement.


Mechanical structure:
The center pin is fixed to the POM insulator by assemble function
Each channel is separate by POM, then assemble with center pin. 
Use the POM latch through each channel in order to fix the body.  

The body and the shell locked by screwing.
POM sleeve is fixed with end of shell by using screw.
The cable hole with small POM sleeve is 6.5mm,
bigger POM sleeve is 8.5mm Without POM sleeve is 10.5mm. 

This product is include: screw for cable 4 mm*1pcs and 6 mm*1pcs.

1. We recommend to peel off the cable jacket and per conductor wire insulation.
2.Depends on cable size to use small POM sleeve (ID 6.5mm) [312], or bigger POM sleeve (ID 8.5mm) [311] or without POM sleeve (ID10.5MM) [301].Then through into cable.
3.Contact the cable with per channel by soldering.
4.Lock the shell and body [203],
5. Please lock the cable and shell with a screw [321 / 322].

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