XM-202S & XF202S Silver Plated Pure Copper Set of 4 XLR Connectors OEM Viborg

XM-202S & XF202S Silver Plated Pure Copper Set of 4 XLR Connectors OEM Viborg

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Pure copper plated Silver ⌀20x50mm 

These Gothic Audio high quality set of 4 XLR connectors constructed exclusively from material selected and processed for their superior conductivity, manufactured by Viborg audio with our own branding. 

We intend to use these predominantly on our own interconnects but will release a limited amount of stock for sale for DIY use, these are superb quality connectors and I've not seen them with the silver plating before, we had to place a large order to get them to supply that.

The connectors have their contacts made of pure copper, an excellent conductor which also benefits from a heavy Silver layer of silver plating. This plating contributes significantly to the fineness of the signal while ensuring overall good resistance (thermochemically inert) to all natural wear factors of a connector (corosion, oxidation ...).

This connector thus has a very good ability to drive a signal, making it a natural choice for high precision cable designed for audiophile use. 




1 x Red Male 1 x Red Female 1x Black male & 1 x Black Female

Contacts pure solid copper

Surface plating heavy silver

Solder bucket

Dielectric teflon

Max Cable Diameter 11mm

Dimensions 20mm x 50mm

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