New Semperfi The Outsider Pure Silver USB Cable TYPE A TO B

New Semperfi The Outsider Pure Silver USB Cable TYPE A TO B

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The new Semperfi range of USB cables replaces all of the previous AG8, AG4 and Shotgun series.
The Outsider uses heavy 22awg pure silver conductors inside over-sized Teflon insulators, 3 of them carry Ground, Data + & Data - are inside the main shielded cable (shielding consists of mylar foil & 99.95% visual coverage braided copper)

The +5v is left out in the cold (The Outsider). You can see in the images the +5v line is completely outside the main cable and run under the outer mesh, this way it reduces any interference it may otherwise cause. The cable is very flexible as the main outer insulator is silicone rubber.

Soldered with 4% silver solder
22awg Solid Silver 99.99% Pure silver conductors
+5v Outside of the main cable

The Semperfi range of USB cables are hand assembled here in the UK, this is not a mass produced cable "off the roll", it is produced in short lengths, conductors are threaded by hand and each layer of the cable is applied manually. 

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