Ella 5 Pin Din Cable OCC Silver Interconnect For Naim CD Player To Pre/Integrated

Ella 5 Pin Din Cable OCC Silver Interconnect For Naim CD Player To Pre/Integrated

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Welcome to the New Ella range of cables, designed for Naim audio systems, built here in the UK. 

We have named the Ella range after  Ella Jane Fitzgerald who was an American jazz singer, sometimes referred to as the "First Lady of Song and "Lady Ella". She was noted for her purity of tone, clarity & precise diction, she represents the performance of this new range of cables.

The entire range is built using very thick 20awg OCC single crystal conductors. The dielectric is teflon, we use cotton spacer, the cables utilise a twin shield of mylar/ Aluminium tape and braided copper. The outer insulation is a super soft and flexible silicone rubber, over this we use the flexo noise reduction sleeving.

The connectors are manufactured by Deltron, metal bodied with silver plated high quality pins. The build quality of this range is 2nd to none, the single crystal silver with a cross section of 0.75mm per pin produces the same sound as our Nublu range with even lower capacitance.


In the coming days we will launch an extensive range of these interconnects.

This interconnect  uses 180-degree type 5pin din plugs and is mostly used between Naim CD PLAYER  and PRE/INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER. 

Both din plugs are wired to connect pins 3 - 5 - 2. 

OPTIONAL - One  of the din can be wired to PRE-AMP audio out pins (1 -  4 - 2, tape-out) this option is available in the dropdown menu. 


Please be sure to check your  device manual if not sure which cable you need.  Original PDF manuals and connection guides are available on the Naim web site.