Canare Starquad Tonearm Cable 24awg Japanese Cable

Canare Starquad Tonearm Cable 24awg Japanese Cable

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Cable Entry Direction

This tonearm cable is constructed with the premium Canare Starquad cable which consists of four 24awg high conductivity annealed copper conductors with cross linked PE Insulation and braided copper shielding. 

Made In Japan, Canare starquad is a superb performer, an outer insulation of specially formulated PVC is durable but still has great flexibility. The cotton filler and dense braided copper shield reduce noise and reject EMI.


These starquad Canare cables are the first of a range of interconnects manufactured using very affordable but professional quality branded cables. This cable is constructed with t same attention to detail as the higher end interconnects we manufacture. Where the cable splits into the two channels we strip back the outer insulation, put braided copper shields on each channel so there is a continuous shield right the way to each RCA. We keep the shield connected only to the ground from the tonearm din only and keep it disconnected from the signal grounds.

This version of the cable is terminated with a 90 degree connector, this connector will fit tonearms with the standard SME 12mm type 5 pin din, some makes such as Fidelity or Denon will not fit so please double check dimensions (see image below).


We can position the connector contacts so the cable exits in the two directions marked below, option 1 is most common but check your arm, it is not always critical but can sometimes make installation much easier, choose 1 or 2 in the options. If you need a sideways exit contact us and we will be happy to help.


The cables are soldered using 4% silver solder, the point where the cable splits we fit an aluminium splitter barrel, the RCA's are the ever popular Neutrik gold plated. The shielding we apply after the split is of the same quality as the original we solder both at the splice, the insulation is the same as the single run, the conductors are kept intact from one end to the other.

Over 20 years experience of building cable assemblies, the build quality will not disappoint.

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