AECO ABI-0611S Binding Post Silver Plated Tellurium Copper

AECO ABI-0611S Binding Post Silver Plated Tellurium Copper

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These binding posts are precision lathed from one piece of high purity copper.
Designed specifically to reduce resistance capacitance and inductance.
The conductor is made from high- purity copper (Tellurium Copper) with gold plating (10u").

The product is suitable with bare wire (D4.0mm), banana plug and cable terminal (6/8mm opening gap) with screw /plug in type.

The product is suitable for panel, for detail dimension, please refer pictures.
The products is suitable for the maximum 10mm thickness of the panel.
The torque for the nut on this product can be reach to maximum 8 (lb-in).
The torque for the back sleeve can be reach to maximum 6 (lb-in).

Please noted, it will cause component damage if force to lock tighten too much.

1.Remove the nut[131] and washer [141]
2.1.For solder type: please remove the ring and the screw first. [111]
2.2.For screw type: please remain the ring and the screw. [111]
3.Please put the body through the plate opening gap from the outside of plate.
4.Please lock the nut[131] and washer [141] to the body, no need to fasten them in order to fine tuning later.
5.1.For solder type: please solder the cable(without jacket)
5.2.For screw type: please lock the cable (without jacket) in the ring with a screw[121]. 
6.please lock the nut[131].

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