Solid Pure Silver 0.4mm 8 Core Litz Cable Sold per m

Solid Pure Silver 0.4mm 8 Core Litz Cable Sold per m

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High purity silver 0.4mm conductors in a larger diameter bore Teflon tubing  painstakingly hand braided into a perferct 8 way litz configuration. This is the same litz wire we use in our 8 wire range of interconnects that has proven  to be very popular. The listing is for a unit of 1m, so if you require 3m of wire you need to purchase a quantity of 3. The maximium length at this  price is 4m, unless asked otherwise your order will be shipped in one length. We can produce longer lengths than 4m but there will be a premium to pay as production takes a lot longer. We realize when you buy more of something it is normal to pay less but given the nature of construction, it is much more difficult to thread the conductors at longer lengths also the braiding of the cable can take 3 times as long due to the length of the tails that constantly have to keep tangle free.   1mm internal diameter PTFE tubing 99.99% Pure soft annealed silver 0.4mm diameter conductors 8 way noise cancelling litz construction Constructed by hand in the UK.