NUBLU Single Crystal Silver Coaxial Interconnects

NUBLU Single Crystal Silver Coaxial Interconnects

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The new NUBLU interconnects are the first coaxial style interconnect we have produced. The central conductor  is a 20awg solid SCCC silver wire inside an unbleached cotton sleeve. SCCC is the equivalent to OCC silver, produced in very small batches to produce a conductor with no crystal boundaries.
Braided around this central core are 8x 26awg SCCC conductors inside teflon insulation, this forms a faraday cage but also squeezes the cotton sleeve into a uniform diameter.
We wrap this in a micro woven copper mesh and sleeve in a tinned copper braided sleeve. The outside insulation is super flexible silicone, this provides an overall seal to the cable not allowing new air into the cable and prevents the silver central conductor from oxidising.
We have achieved a coaxial construction whilst maintaining an all silver signal path, shield is only connected at one end of the interconnect.
Capacitance 50 pf/ft
Terminated With Pure Silver AECO RCA Connectors or Silver Plated Copper

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The conductors used here are the equivalent of OCC silver, using the same process of manufacture 5N Purity with no crystal boundaries.
The licensed manufacturer of OCC wire does not sell it in the bare wire form that we need, here we have found a manufacturer that will supply us what we need.
1. The production of the Silver we use begins with the vertical vacuum mould that produces rods of continuous cast silver.
2. The rods are then drawn very slowly into the desired diameter.
3. Drawing the wire very slowly eradicates the need for annealing as part of the drawing process and keeps the silver away from its fatigue point, this preserves the elongated grain structure leading to a conductor free of crystal boundaries. 
4. You can see the difference in the two test pieces on the right between normally drawn wire and the SCCC. (SINGLE CRYSTAL CONTINUOUS CAST)