NEW! KYTLIM Pure Silver Speaker Cables

NEW! KYTLIM Pure Silver Speaker Cables

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The new KYTLIM Pure Silver speaker cables are manufactured by hand here in Manchester England.
Choice of 12 or 16 cores per channel, also a choice of 22awg or 20awg conductors. 
Cross section 12x22awg provides equivalent of 2 x 1.95 square mm conductors per channel
Cross section 16x22awg provides equivalent of 2 x 2.6 square mm conductors per channel
Cross section 12x20awg provides equivalent of 2 x 3.11 square mm conductors per channel
Cross section 16x20awg provides equivalent of 2 x 4.15 square mm conductors per channel
These options are available with spades or banana plugs (solid copper silver plated) and can also be wired in standard configuration or Bi Wired.
These options to be confirmed via email once order placed (no additional charges for Bi-Wire) When configured for Bi-Wire we split the conductors equally so cross section per terminal is halved, this is why we give the option for increased conductor count and size.

The conductors are inside a ptfe dielectric are hand woven to produce the base cable that is then assembled into the KYTLIM  finished product.
The conductors are OCC continuous cast 5N Pure Silver Single Crystal, with only a single crystal in very long lengths, there is an unimpeded free path for the best possible signal transfer. Along with this superior single long crystal structure, OCC provides conductors with the least possible oxides and other impurities. 
As standard we now fit our own OEM tellurium copper banana plugs with silver plated finish, we also have solid copper spades with silver plated finish.
We can offer branded connector options also, we keep some WBT in stock, other brands could be ordered in. 
The cables are finished in Techflex, aluminium splitter barrels, after the split we have improved strain relief and durability using silicone outer insulation where other use thin heatshrink, and we secure the connectors with adhesive lined heatshrink.
The OEM connectors (spade or banana) are solderless screw fit.
Customisation is always something we will offer if your requests are possible so feel free to ask any question.
Maximum length on these cables is 4m due to the way they are manufactured, these are NOT an off the roll cable, they are constructed by hand and take many hours to produce