AG8 SHOTGUN Pure Silver USB Interconnect Cable

AG8 SHOTGUN Pure Silver USB Interconnect Cable

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Product Description
The AG8 SHOTGUN is a reboot of the AG8/2 that has proved to be extremely popular over the last two years.
We have used 8 x 26awg pure silver conductors in total, 4 used for Data and 4 used for Power. We call this the Shotgun because the conductors are arranged inside two fully shielded cables side by side (the original AG8/2 was shielded just around the data lines) this gives a double shield between the power lines and the data conductors but also minimises the effects that those power lines could have on surrounding interconnects.

The Shotgun benefits from improved construction and now uses gold plated connectors, both cables are run side by side inside one outer sleeving.

99.99% Pure Silver Conductors 8 x 26awg
Double shielding (two runs of braided copper sleeving)
Gold plated USB Connectors
New sleek design with improved build quality.





I have been aware of various effects that cables can have on reproduced sound, even if I don't much understand the mechanics.

I built a DAC a few years ago using cheapo Maplin hook up wire. On completion it sounded awful and went straight to the back of a cupboard.

A year later, I had been a bit further on my journey and had been persuaded by DNM single core cable for both interconnect and speakers.

The initial impression was dry and a bit lacking in what I took for ambient detail. After living with them for a while I went back to my previous multi strand cables and found them to be overblown, dull and indistinct, where as the DNM revealed timing and intimacy I hadn't appreciated to begin with.

My chum Craig asked me about the DAC, so we got it out and listened to it. I was surprised that in the new cable environment that it sounded far better than I remembered.

Inspired, I replaced the cheap hook up wire with single core copper - lo and behold, another improvement was obvious.

The copper was quickly replaced with naked 5N silver solid core and a bigger improvement was had. Fantastic. A few other changes brought more.


Fast forward a few years to this summer, and another new DAC that was a revelation in itself.

This got me thinking about cables again.

I had long pondered the idea of home brew silver USB cables, but those in the know said "can't possibly make a difference in the digital domain" (as some insist 24bit cannot sound better than 16bit). However, I still hankered because the silver had made a difference in the digital side of the old DAC.

I had electrically isolated the (old) DAC from the PC which made a big difference, and bought a very short usb cable, which did not. (isolation was somewhat less relevant for the new DAC as it has a switch between USB power and external - selecting external power disconnects the "live" USB power conductor, leaving the return as reference for the two signal conductors)


My personal circumstances changed for the worse and I decided to splash out on a silver USB cable before it became unaffordable.

I did a brief net search then given apparently limited optopns, waited for the single core "Pangea Ag" to wend its expensive and slow way from the US via a tardy stateside friend.

I was not disappointed.

No area of the music was not improved, and the additional detail revealed was shocking. I took it along to chum Craig's and he was similarly impressed and set about ordering one for himself.

Like me, he found ordering from the USA to be difficult and expensive, so he looked around for an alternative and found Achtung Audio's cables.

After some discussion of what we imagined the relative benefits of the various cables might be, I ordered the "Shotgun" on Craigs behalf, and it arrived a couple of days later. Obviously I had to try it, and I was a bit disturbed to find that it improved matters again, by a very significant margin.

I waited for Craig to arrive and did a quick blind test using the shotgun first. Sure enough Craig found the same. I was a bit chagrined to say the least.

We had both agreed that the Pangea had given the best bang per buck of any Hi Fi purchase we had made thus far, and here was a domestically available cable priced comparably or cheaper (depending on how your USA purchase goes) that bettered the Pangea by a simliar margin to the Pangea's improvement over standard cheapo USB.

If I was a professional reviewer I could maybe articulate all this in a more lyrical fashion.

Every aspect of the music you could mention is revealed in a more satisfying manner. Highs seem higher and clearer, lows seem taughter and deeper, the difference between sound and quiet is starker, the sense of position of the happenings "on the stage" is more convincing, and the stage itself seems bigger side to side and front to back.

Oh, and that "Blimey, I never noticed that before" is here again in spades.


How to account for these effects? I have no idea. Will it have the same profound effect in avery set up? Of course not, some set ups are already more revealing than others, and my guess is that the less revealing gear it is paired with, the less you will benefit.

Is the Pangea Ag better than "ornery" USB cable? Hell yes - for me it was like coming through the doors of the corridor of the cinema, into the auditorium.

Is the Shotgun better than the Pangea? In my set up, and now in Craig's (same source, same makers, yet different amps and speakers) it seems to be a night and day improvement, that keeps getting better.

This is very, very, good stuff, and very, very, good value.


Well obviously, I have got to have the "Shotgun". So who will buy my Pangea cable?



Me and Craig have both been doing this Hi-Fi thing for Decades, and both use DNM amps and Rehdeko speakers after many auditions, many HiFi shows, many personal wanderings along other routes, and  many cables and components let alone sources, amps and speakers.


Neither of us knows it all, but we aren't naive.

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